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C++ Developer - new Career Path

Become a C++ Developer with Codenga's new Career Path. Gain essential skills step by step.

The Path includes:

  • C++ language from the ground-up
  • The most crucial techniques for programming in C++
  • Practical projects needed to learn real-life programming

Start learning with the C++ Developer Career Path

Practical projects - gain practical skills

To become a developer, start writing code. You have to start creating applications that work and actually can do something. Just understanding the theory is not enough.

In this Career Path, you will complete three projects in the C++ language. Through them, you will learn a practical approach to programming. You will see how working with tangible, working code looks. You will gain practical, solid skills.

Where you can use C++

C++ is a language with exciting applications. It provides a lot of control over the hardware resources of the computer. For this reason, it is often where high performance is needed, e.g. for writing games.

It has many other uses as well. C++ is used for writing programming libraries, drivers, operating systems, performing scientific calculations, and more. The applications are broad, and so are the career opportunities for programmers who know C++. It's a language that will give you the opportunity for a unique, specialized career.

What is a Career Path

Career Path is a set of courses that will jumpstart your career in a chosen field. Start with zero skills and master everything you need to know.

Career Path includes the standard courses available from Codenga. Career Path allows purchasing a package of courses at a much lower price. The Career Path also suggests the right order of learning. This way you get a complete set of programming skills.

Start learning with the C++ Developer Career Path!