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Learn to code - in a simple, interactive way


Practical, hands-on learning experience

Codenga is all about simple courses that teach you how to code in a practical way. No prior knowledge necessary. No technical jargon. No subscriptions. You pay for the courses and you own them for a lifetime.
Master the programming language of your choice
Codenga has every common programming language covered. Wanna learn JAVA, C++, C#, PHP? We got it! Dreaming of becoming a front-end developer? We got a great choice of courses teaching you the necessary skills.
Learn at your own pace
Your progress is constantly saved and can pick up where you left off. Wanna review your newly acquired skills? No problem - you can relearn every topic as many times as you want. Codenga courses work on every device. You can log in to your account and access your courses at any time.
Clear and easy to follow structure
Every Codenga course has a clear, straightforward structure. You start with the basics, and you constantly learn new skills. Every concept is briefly explained before you are tasked with practical exercises.
A lot of practice at every stage
To become a successful software developer you need a lot of practice. Every Codenga course will have you writing a lot of code. That way, you will soon get a feel for real coding.
Certificate of completion
When you complete any Codenga course, you will earn a certificate of completion. You can easily share the certificate and prove that you got the skills necessary for the job.
All the tools you need
The only thing you need to start learning is a browser and internet access.