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Linux Admin - a new Career Path

Here comes - a new Codenga Career Path! Learn the basics of terminal, master important commands, learn Bash scripting and more. Become a successful Linux Administrator.

The Path includes dozens of tasks and exercises to aid in learning real-life skills.

Why you should learn to work with Linux

Almost everyone can use some Linux skills. It’s one of the most widespread technologies of the modern world. A vast majority of servers, mobile devices and programming environments are based on Linux.

  • Linux Admin (sysadmin) can be a great career path if you want to work in IT.
  • Linux is literally everywhere: from servers to smartphones.
  • The knowledge of basic Linux commands and techniques is very important for almost everyone: from system administrator to a programmer working in a Linux based environment.

What’s included in this Career Path?

This Career Path includes four courses that will help you to learn real-life Linux skills. The list of topics includes:

  • Most important Linux commands/li>
  • Useful techniques for working with a terminal/command line
  • The basics of Bash scripting
  • Introduction to networking concepts and network-related commands.

Start learning now with Linux Admin Career Path.