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Start learning for free!

At Codenga you will find an ever growing selection of Career Paths that will help you to gain job-ready skills. And you can start any Career Path for free.

How does it work?

It’s easy - go to the Career Paths page and choose the Path that you are interested in.

The only thing you need to start the Path is a free user account - it can be created in a matter of seconds. So, don’t waste your time - start learning now and gain in-demand programming skills.

Codenga Career Paths

Our Career Paths are expertly designed to teach you in-demand, job ready programming skills. We don’t believe in passive, boring video lectures. That’s why our Career Paths are text based. Text bases learning is:

  • Fast, effective and engaging;
  • Accessible - you can use any kind of device to access the learning materials;
  • Measurable - you can easily track your progress throughout the learning path.

Codenga Career Paths provides you with hands-on, interactive learning experience from the very beginning.

Check the ever growing selection of Career Paths and start learning now.