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Zdjęcie główne artykułu.

The most popular programming language in 2020? Let's find out on the web

Did you know that the phrase "how to learn to code" was the most popular search term for the knowledge acquisition field in 2020?

There is a reason why more and more people are thinking about learning programming. A large number of job offers, the possibility to work remotely, flexible working hours, and above all... high salaries! Certainly for many people finding employment as a programmer is a lifelong dream ;)

However, high salaries do not come from nowhere. Learning to code takes a lot of time and commitment. Theoretically, anyone can become a programmer. It doesn't matter how old you are, or what school you graduated from. The most important are practical skills that are gained by spending hours in front of the keyboard. As Codenga, we understand this perfectly, so we give our customers the opportunity to learn coding from scratch. There is no better way to learn than writing code yourself and constantly checking your progress ;)

Let's take another look at the web. Which programming language do you think was the most searched for in 2020? If you said Python, you guessed right! There is nothing surprising about that. Python is considered by many to be the easiest programming language. Many people just begin their journey with programming with it. Additionally, Python is an incredibly flexible language. It has a very wide range of applications: from creating web pages, through data analysis, to machine learning or creating graphical interfaces. Therefore, we are not surprised that Python is one of the most frequently chosen languages, also among Codenga users.