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JavaScript Developer

Career Path is a set of courses that will jumpstart your career in a chosen field. You start with zero skills and step by step you will master everything you need to know.

What you will gain after completing this path

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    You will learn JavaScript from the ground up to a semi-advanced level.

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    You will master all essential concepts of the language.

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    You will learn Node.js - an indispensable tool for a modern JavaScript Developer.

A foundation of the modern Web

JavaScript is the most important language of the modern Web. It is also a very dynamic ecosystem of tools, frameworks and libraries. If you want to take the first step and provide yourself with the opportunity to advance as a Front-end Developer or Back-end Developer, this path is the perfect choice.

You'll learn everything from the ground up. First you'll master the JavaScript language - from the simplest things to advanced concepts like asynchronicity, function programming, and closures. Next, you'll move on to the very important tool Node.js.

What will you be able to do?

Completing the path will provide you with a very solid foundation in the world of modern JavaScript. This Path is a great baseline for further development. After completing the path you can, for example:

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    learn exciting JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue or Angular and become a Front-end Developer;

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    learn to write back-end applications with Node.js.

The possibilities of modern JavaScript are simply endless!

Codenga - how it works

No subscriptions
You pay for the individual courses. Select the programming language you want to learn and get a lifetime access for a single payment
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You have a generous 30-day return period. No questions asked.
Revisit the course at any time
You get a lifetime access to the course. You can review the material at any time.
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Learning paths
Codenga won't leave you on your own when you complete the course. You can continue your learning path with other courses.
Every Codenga course has its curriculem manager that looks after the learning material and is ready to help you if you have any questions.

Have any questions?

How does the course work?
Every Codenga course is full of structured knowledge and practical exercises. You start with the basics and you incrementally learn new skills.
How much time do i need to complete the course?
Buying this course you get the lifetime access. You can learn the new skills at your own pace. You can also review the material as many times as you want
Can i still use the course having completed it?
Yes! You get unlimited, lifetime access to the course.
Do i need any prior experience to start the course?
Codenga course are great for beginner programmers. Start with the Level 1 course if it's your fist contact with programming.
Do i need any software to use the course?
The only thing you need is a device with an internet access. No other tools or software necessary.
dot30 days of Money-back guarantee
dotGet help at the every stage of learning
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