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Zdjęcie główne artykułu.

A fast and effective way to learn programming

Did you know that there is such a thing as a memory hierarchy? It perfectly illustrates how we remember information depending on the learning method we use. For example: we remember only 5% of information from lectures. If we read books, we can count on slightly better results, but it is still only 10%. What if we could remember as much as... 75%?? Seems impossible? And yet!

Practice makes perfect

Learning by doing is as much as 75% of information remembered.


This is probably where the saying comes from: practice makes perfect ;) That's why at Codenga we create interactive courses that are full of practical exercises!

Interactive = practical = effective

What is this interactive thing all about? Our courses are not typical online courses, similar to hundreds of others. Here, from the very beginning, we place a great value on independent code writing, task solving and logical thinking, which in programming is the key to success. Each course consists of short slides with theoretical knowledge. The slides are interlaced with a mass of different types of tasks, increasing in difficulty with each stage of the course. Tasks include:

  • ABCD Questions
  • First graphics
  • Arranging blocks with code fragments in the correct order
  • Second graphics
  • Filling in missing elements
  • Third graphics
  • Writing code yourself
  • Fourth graphics
  • You check the results of your efforts right away, so if you make a mistake - you can correct it right away.
  • Fifth graphics

Thanks to such a format, you not only remember more information, but most importantly, from the first moments with the course you are exposed to the real code and challenges that programmers face every day. PS. Did we mention that you can use the courses on your smartphone? Well, yes - all you need is the phone itself. You don't need any additional software to solve the tasks 😉 That's what we call a practical solution.

Learn smart, not hard! 😉