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Zdjęcie główne artykułu.

What happens if I start learning programming with the wrong language?

The title question often gives sleepless nights to novice programmers. If you are just starting your adventure with programming you are certainly wondering what language to start with. And you're probably worried if you've made the right choice. In fact, it is not as important as it may seem. We hope that our article will convince you about it.

Universal ideas in any Language

Programming, regardless of language, is based on some universal concepts. In practically every popular language we have elements like variables, functions, loops or objects. If you have a good understanding of the concepts behind these elements you can handle any language. That's why choosing a language to start with doesn't have as big consequences as you might think.

Change is not hard

If you get these above concepts right then possibly changing programming languages in the future will not be that difficult. Loop in Python has different syntax than loop in C# but the principle is the same. A function in JAVA looks at first sight different from a function in PHP but it works on exactly the same basis. That's the point - if you understand these fundamentals well then you can handle any language. If you don't like the language you have chosen then you can start learning another one. And with every next language it will be much easier.

Programming is not just a language

One could think for a long time about what programming really is. Let's take this popular definition that programming is the art of solving problems with code. And this is what is most important. Learn to write algorithms, master the most important data structures, learn to solve problems. And what language you will work in is of secondary importance.

Programming is also about tools

The vast majority of developers use certain tools in their daily work. A perfect example here is the Git version control system. It is used almost everywhere, regardless of the language you are currently working with. This is another example of a universal skill that you will need every step of the way. So focus on these universal basics. Learn them and learn how to use them in your daily work regardless of what programming language you are currently learning.

Okay, so what language should you start with?

This question needs to be asked. We can talk endlessly about the fact that certain universal skills are key. Nevertheless, you have to start with some language. How about Python? It's a great choice to start with because it will allow you to learn just those key concepts without a lot of work. We have prepared a separate article on this subject - check it out, maybe it will give you some ideas.

In conclusion

Still worried about whether you've chosen the right language to learn? Then don't worry. Focus on what we talked about above. Gain universal skills for life and the programming language itself will then no longer be a problem.