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What is Bash

Bash is a very common Linux shell. It’s an application that allows you to communicate with your operating system. There are many Linux shells but the Bash is certainly the most popular one. It’s an indispensable tool for every Linux user.

How Bash works

From a technical point of view, Bash is a command interpreter. You probably know how to use basic system commands like. ls or mkdir. Bash interprets those commands, processes them and returns the result to us. It’s the most common way of working with Bash.

There is also a second way of working, involving so-called batch files. Those files contain some Bash code. You can write such a file and run it whenever you need it. Sometimes we use the term “Bash scripting” to describe the process of writing and executing batch files.

If you master the basics of Bash scripting then you will gain an enormous advantage. You can use those Bash scripts to automate your work. You can use them to build any kind of complex system commands.

What can you do with Bash?

Everything! Really, there is hardly a thing that cannot be done with a bit of Bash scripting.

Think of any boring, tedious task that you do in the Linux system.- you can automate it with a simple Bash script.

You can use Bash scripts to:

  • build your own system commands;
  • perform any calculations;
  • create files, write content to them, search for text phrases;
  • automate any system related task.

Let’s take a look at a simple example. Imagine, that you often need to rename a whole bunch of files. It’s definitely a tedious and laborious task. The solution is simple: just write a Bash script that will do the work for you. A script will be able to rename thousands of files in a matter of seconds.

Master the Bash scripting and your work will become easier, quicker and more efficient.

How to start working with Bash scripts?

Bash is a LInux tool, so to start working with scripts you need to have some basic knowledge about this operating system. If you know how to create files and run basic system commands then you will have no problem with writing simple scripts.

Bash isn't rocket science. At the very beginning, you will need to master the basic syntax. You will need to learn the basic concepts like variables, loops, conditional statements etc. That work can be done in a couple of days. And you will gain indispensable, lifetime skills that will greatly enhance your daily work with a Linux based system.

Wanna learn the basics of Bash scripting quickly? Start with this Codenga course.